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Men's Down Puffer Jackets & Bubble Coats

In the market for a winter coat that is both fashionable and functional? Triple F.A.T. Goose has a premium selection of men’s puffer jackets that can take you through cold months and freezing climates for years to come. With unparalleled insulation blocking out sharp, frigid winds, adjustable hoods, and water-resistant technology, your bubble coat can withstand all types of weather.

What Is a Puffer Jacket?

Puffer jackets (aka bubble coats or quilted jackets) are designed for optimal warmth using puffy fill that is inserted between the stitching in the fabric, creating a “quilted” look. The fill of our puffer jackets are made from 100% down and it forms tiny pockets designed to trap as much air as possible to generate warmth.

The best puffer jackets strike a perfect balance between breathability, wet weather performance, weight, and packability. While puffy jackets are known for being lightweight, they still provide a great amount of warmth to the wearer. Goose and duck down are still lighter than winter coats made of leather or wool which makes them easier to pack in your luggage or travel pack.

How Are Puffer Jackets Insulated?

All of our jackets (including our puffer coats) feature quality goose or duck down, which is one of the best materials for insulation when it comes to outerwear, easily allowing for air to move through the layers of insulation and create a barrier against the cold. Triple F.A.T. Goose has been committed to crafting the best down jackets possible for the last 30+ years, so we’ve had the time and experience to determine which designs and materials work best for keeping out even the harshest of temperatures while also creating the premium outerwear our customers know and love.

Why Is Goose and Duck Down The Best Insulation for Puffer Jackets?

Down is the plumage that is found underneath the exterior feathers on waterfowl like geese and ducks. It consists of thousands of tiny fluffy, wispy, soft filaments, making it by far the best natural insulator. Down provides the best height-to-warmth ratio of any material, which is why it is our go-to material for our ethically sourced line of coats.

Down jacket warmth is rated using fill power and weight. Fill power measures the “loft” or quality of down, while fill weight measures the quantity of material. Fill power of at least 550 is considered high quality, but weight also factors into how warm the jacket will be. For more information on down fill and weight measurements, take a look at our full guide here.

Down is also easily compressible, which means down puffer jackets can be packed down to a very small size while still retaining its original shape.

Browse our selection of down puffer jackets and bubble coats that feature a wide range of cuts, styles, colors, weights, fill powers, and other premium specs unique to Triple F.A.T. Goose. Order your Triple F.A.T. Goose puffer coat online to be prepared for arctic temps.


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