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Want to know more about Triple F.A.T. Goose? Are you curious about what makes our women’s jackets and parkas so special? Are you having a hard time deciding which of our coats would best fit your needs? To make things easier, we’ve provided answers to some of your frequently asked questions. Read on to find out more.

A: Since our founding back in 1987, we have remained focused on crafting a better down jacket. By selling direct-to-consumer, we are able to maintain oversight and control over every facet of our business — starting with our production process and going all the way through order fulfillment — allowing us to offer the best quality materials and accessories without sacrificing quality, and without the retail markup.

And by maintaining everything we do from design and development to customer service in-house, we are not only able to better communicate with each other, but also with our customers. This allows us to send any customer feedback and issues directly to our team for review and consideration. Ultimately, this provides us with a much better understanding of our own products and the needs of our customers; which has enabled us to improve our products, while maintaining the highest level of customer service at the same time.

A: The warmth of a jacket is determined by a number of different factors, most importantly of which is the quality and quantity of the down insulation. This is typically expressed as fill power and fill weight, which you’ll find included on each of our product description pages. The fabrics used to create a jacket’s outer shell will also have an impact on its overall warmth, as does the coat’s design and coverage area. Jackets that are longer will naturally provide additional warmth due to their extended coverage.

Some manufacturers offer temperature ratings for their jackets as a way of conveying how their products will perform in the cold. Those ratings tend to be highly subjective however, which is why Triple F.A.T. Goose has chosen not to include them with our product descriptions. Because every person’s tolerance for the cold can vary wildly from one individual to the next, we find these ratings are often misleading. A jacket that is plenty warm for one person, may be too cold for someone else, simply because they adapt to the cold in different ways.

All of that said, we do offer a number of arctic-weight jackets that are without a doubt the warmest in our collection. Thanks to their higher fill power ratings, fill weights, and fill ratios, not to mention high-quality fabrics and longer cut, the jackets listed below offer the highest level performance in extreme conditions.

  • Ellaria — Our women’s flagship parka is stylish, waterproof, and features 14 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down insulation. It utilizes a 3-layer Atmoshell+ fabric that is treated with an eco-friendly DWR coating. This works in conjunction with water-repellent zippers and magnetic snaps to keep rain and snow out. Add in the fact that it’s the longest length parka in our women’s collection, seam-sealed construction, fleece-lined pockets, and a premium fur trimmed hood and you get one of the warmest jackets in our collection.
  • Olevia — Fashionable and warm, this women’s waterproof parka features 13 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down, a 3-layer shell fabric for wind and water resistance, and premium water-repellent zippers. It also has four hidden front pockets (two on the chest and two by the waist), magnetic snaps, and an adjustable belt.
  • Aberdeen — This 3/4 length women’s parka is water and wind-resistant thanks in part to its 3-layer Atmoshell fabric. It also utilizes 14 ounces of 700 fill power down to help keep you warm in cold conditions, with a premium fur-trimmed hood and storm cuffs aiding in the process. Stylish button closures enhance the look of this parka, which is made for both urban and travel adventures.
  • Suvo — A waterproof 3/4 length parka featuring 13 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down and a 3-layer Hydraseal fabric to ward off snow and light rain. Water-repellent zippers and a premium fur-trimmed hood rounds out the package, making this one of the more versatile jackets in our collection.
  • Estelle — Long and luxurious is how we would describe this 3/4 length, water-resistant parka. It features 14 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down and a 2-layer twill fabrication that makes it well suited for staying warm in damp environments. An attached belt, large pockets, and a warm hood give this coat a distinct style that is all its own.
  • Seraphin — A 3/4 length waterproof parka, the Seraphin features 13 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down. The simple — yet elegant — design is accentuated by a 3-layer Atmoshell+ fabrication and water-repellent zippers. These accessories work in conjunction with one another to keep you warm and dry in snow and light rain, even when the temperature takes a plunge.

A: Yes, we do offer coats that are longer in length for additional coverage. For instance, our flagship parka is the Ellaria, which happens to be the longest women’s down jacket in our catalog, has a back length of 38.5 inches. This extra coverage, coupled with the jacket’s 14 ounces of 700 fill power down and 3-layer Atmoshell+ waterproof fabrics, makes it one of the warmest parkas in our collection.

Two other jackets that offer extended lengths are the Estelle and the Fara. At 37.5 inches, the Estelle is the second longest women’s parka available. It is a water-resistant belted parka with 14 ounces of 700 fill power white goose down featuring a 2-layer outershell. The Fara on the other hand is a long down puffer jacket providing 36 inches of coverage. Insulated with 11 ounces of 750 fill power white duck down, the Fara is breathable and lightweight.

For reference, we determine a jacket’s back length by locating the seam found at the back base of the neck and measuring down the exact center of the jacket to the bottom edge of the fabric. Keep in mind that larger sizes of a jacket will also have longer back lengths for a proportional fit.

A: The lightest down jacket in our collection is the Versa, a versatile down jacket with 6 ounces of 750 fill power white duck down insulation. Its soft and breathable fabrics have been treated with a DWR coating that gives the wearer a bit of added protection from rain and snow. Because the Versa is reversible, with two contrasting colors, highly compressible, and weighs just 17.6 ounces, it is a great option for travelers who are looking to save a little room in their suitcase.

The Whitney, which tips the scales at a mere 21 ounces is a durable and lightweight down jacket designed for outdoor activities such as camping. This coat is insulated with 6 ounces of 750 fill power white duck down, making it a perfect option for the transitional seasons of spring and fall or as part of a larger layering system. The Whitney's other features include a durable double-layer twill laminate fabrication, a DWR coating for added water resistance, and a high neckline for enhanced protection from the elements.

The Adena is a lightweight women’s puffer jacket that is made with 10 ounces of 750 fill power white duck down. It comes with a double layered outer shell that is breathable and soft to the touch. Fleece lined handwarming pockets, an eco-friendly DWR coating, and a detachable hood are just a few of the many handy features that this jacket has to offer, all at a weight of just 1.35 pounds.

A: Triple F.A.T. Goose offers a number of waterproof jackets in a variety of styles and weights. Those jackets all include seam sealed construction, a 3-layer shell fabric with a DWR coating, and durable water-repellent zippers. Each of those features work together to provide a barrier from the rain and snow, helping to keep the wearer warm and dry in adverse weather conditions. Our waterproof, arctic-weight parks that come equipped with fur-trimmed hoods include the Ellaria, Olevia, Suvo, and Hartwell. The Seraphin is a waterproof arctic-weight furless parka. Finally, the Chelsea is our fully waterproof women’s shell jacket, which offers outstanding protection from the wind and rain, but without insulation.

The Versa is our reversible, lightweight down jacket that deftly blends versatility and comfort. It features 6 ounces of 750 fill power white duck down insulation and an outer shell that is durable and soft. On the inside, this coat utilizes a baffled ciré fabric shell that gives it a puffer-style look. Reversing the two sides of the jacket reveals contrasting colors and styles, which allows the Versa to feel like it is actually two jackets in one. This, coupled with its high level of compressibility, make it a fantastic choice for use both while traveling and at home.

A: Designed for use in the transitional weather that comes with early-spring and late fall, the Fara is a midweight puffer down jacket designed for women who want the added coverage without the added weight. Its long length, coupled with 11 ounces of 750 fill power premium white duck down provides the perfect amount of insulation from the cold. The coat’s 2-layer fabrics are soft with a matte finish, and include a fluoride-free DWR coating to help keep moisture at bay. The Fara provides pillow-like comfort and warmth when the temperatures start dropping.

A: Triple F.A.T. Goose uses both coyote and fox fur as trim for the hoods on several styles of our jackets and parkas. This fur trim — or ruff as it is known — helps to prevent wind, snow, and rain from reaching the interior of the hood, keeping the person wearing it much warmer as a result. Currently, the Olevia, Suvo, Estelle, Hartwell, Norden, Isella, Astraea, and Huntley all use coyote fur. Conversely, fox fur is used in most versions of our Aberdeen and Ellaria models. The exception to this is the white color ways of both jackets, which instead use coyote fur.

A: Each of our women’s down jackets and parkas are designed to fit true to size. That means that if you usually wear a medium sized jacket from another manufacturer that has true to size specs, there is a good chance that our medium sized jacket will provide the fit you’re looking for. Additionally, every product description page on the Triple F.A.T. Goose website includes a custom sizing chart for each of our products. Those charts can provide further insights into exactly which size jacket will best fit you based on the bust, waist, and hip sizes for each individual model.

Should you find that you need additional assistance when it comes to selecting the correct size for you, our customer service representatives are available to provide size suggestions. You can reach out to us directly via email or by using the Live Chat feature found on our website. Our staff will provide prompt and helpful service from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

A: While a quick Google search will turn up any number of excellent articles mentioning our products such as Vogue and Daily Mail, we find that honest reviews from our customers hold more value. After all, no one knows and understands our products better than the people who use them on a daily basis. We rely on our customers to provide us with honest feedback about how our jackets and parkas perform in real-world conditions. This not only helps you to make a more informed decision, it assists us to design better products.

Some outerwear brands prefer to use a one-size-fits-all temperature rating system as a method of conveying how well their products perform in cold weather. We feel that those ratings are highly arbitrary and can be very misleading, which is why we prefer to let our customers share their personal experiences instead. You’ll find that each of our customer reviews include some insights into how well the person tolerates the cold. Reviewers are also asked to share the coldest temperature that they have worn their jacket in. This can be valuable information for someone who is searching for the perfect jacket to meet their individual needs.

A: Our women’s jackets and parkas are designed for luxury and style, while providing plenty of comfort and warmth. Our coats are made with premium materials that include features such as high fill power down, durable fabrics treated with eco-friendly DWR coatings, rugged YKK zippers, adjustable insulated hoods, handwarmer pockets, and additional interior pockets. Many of these are standard features that you’ll find on every one of our women’s down jackets, with the goal of delivering the best possible performance across our entire collection.

The other features that are found on our jackets vary from one model to the next. For example, a number of our coats include premium coyote or fox fur ruffs along the outer edge of their hood. This enhances warmth by reducing cold air contact to the face. Other accessories could include zippered underarm vents for improved ventilation, elastic storm cuffs, magnetic snaps, adjustable waist draw cords, and upgraded water-repellent two-way YKK zippers.

The specific list of features for any given jacket can be found on its product details page on the Triple F.A.T. Goose website. If you should have any questions, customers are welcome to reach out to us via email or the Live Chat feature on our webpage. Our staff is available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday to answer any questions that you might have.