A Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy People in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy People in Your Life

Outdoorsmen often have particular outdoor sports they participate in. While your outdoorsy friends may have purchased all of the sports-related items for themselves that they think they need, you can always surprise them with cool outdoor sports items they don’t have. We’ve created a gift guide to follow whenever birthdays and holidays come around.

Gifts for Campers

Axe – From chopping campfire logs to creating more long-term backwoods housing, an axe would benefit nearly every camper.

Folding bow saw - Like an axe, a folding bow saw would help your friend create a wikiup, wigwam, fort-like construction or some other long-term survival housing if necessary.

Knives - Outdoorsmen can always use a folding knife and/or a fixed-blade knife with a sheath.

Swiss Army Knife

Multitool – As the name implies, a multitool has many little tools connected together that can get you out of any jam.

Headlamps – Sometimes you arrive at the campground and it’s already dark! A headlamp would let your friend set up his or her camping site in the dark with both hands free.

Foldable chair - A super light-weight foldable chair will let your friend comfortably relax after spending hours on their feet.

Sleeping bag - A sleeping bag is a must-have when spending the night in the great outdoors. A thermal, zippered bag stuffed with down feathers, situated on top of an inflatable mat, would be ideal for individuals, although some people would enjoy a matching sleeping bag and tent set. Couples would likely prefer to use a double sleeping bag.

Toiletry bag – A toiletry bag would keep your friend’s small grooming items together in one place.

Gifts for Hikers, Climbers and/or Runners

Backpack – Every hiker needs a backpack if they plan to spend more than a few hours hiking. 

Backpacking two-person hammock - A backpacking hammock built for two would come complete with everything your friends will need for setup.

Child carrier – If your friend just had a baby, chances are she has not yet purchased a child carrier that would let her take the new family member on hikes. Giving a child carrier as a gift to your friend may allow them to take the hikes they weren’t expecting!

Waterproof hiking boots - Every serious hiker or climber needs at least one good pair of leather waterproof hiking boots.

Shoe traction system - A shoe traction system will give your hiking friends more sure traction for navigating rough terrain.

Hiking trowel - A hiking trowel will give hikers and other outdoorsmen a way to bury things when nature calls.

Foam roller – Runners need a foam roller to stretch their legs after a run and for massaging. It can also help prevent cramps after a long day of walking and climbing!

Jumping In the Desert

Garmin watch - Instead of keeping up with a smartphone, your friend may prefer to wear a Garmin watch. These watches are smart phones, complete with GPS and mileage-tracking capabilities.

Apple watch - An Apple watch is a runner’s watch that syncs with an iPhone, tracking the runner’s distance and speed. This watch also lets your friend hear music and receive messages and phone calls.

Water filtration straw - A water filtration straw will help lighten your friend’s load while making sure he has clean water whenever he remains near a water source. It is also a good safety tool to have along with you!

Gifts for Watersport Lovers, Skiers and Snowboarders

Waterproof phone case - A waterproof phone case will let watersport lovers keep their cell phone safe and on hand. 

Watersport dry bag - A water sport dry bag would let paddle boarders, canoers, kayakers and swimmers keep valuables safe and dry.

Quick dry towel - A quick dry towel will quickly dry off hikers, swimmers and other outdoor lovers who are into sports that can often lead you cold and damp. This can prevent colds and even hypothermia or pneumonia if you are outside long enough.

Gifts for Cyclists 

Chain-cleaning system – Grab this item for your cyclist friend if you’re getting them a repair stand.

Water bottle cage – Help your cyclist friend keep hydrated while on the road or trail.

Wooden rear bike crate – Bike crates let the cyclist in your life take their furry friend on rides or a few needed items.

Sport fleece gloves – Any cyclist will appreciate things like gloves that bring them comfort. Especially during the colder season, this can allow for those cold bike rides without discomfort.

Men’s bike hydration vest – Cyclists who sweat a lot during hot weather would appreciate having a hydration vest.

Men’s cargo cycling bib shorts – The serious male cyclist needs at least one pair of cargo cycling bib shorts.

Women’s summer-weight, long-sleeve cycling jacket – Female cyclists could use a summer-weight, long-sleeve cycling jacket.

Women’s cycling leggings – Let the female cyclist in your life streamline her profile by wearing cycling leggings.

General Outdoor Clothing

Light cushion crew socks – Your friend will appreciate having comfy feet while enjoying outdoor activities. This will keep them warm and allow them to walk comfortably.

Men’s flannel shirts - Almost every outdoorsman would love to own flannel shirts - you can’t have enough of them!

Men’s sun shirt – The outdoorsman in your life would love to own a protective sun shirt, which is made of moisture-wicking lightweight fabric.

Men’s convertible pants – Hikers and others love pants that convert into shorts. Some of them, like the Kuhl Renegade brand, also resists water, dries quickly and offers 50+ UPF sun protection.

Women’s Merino wool base layers - Base Layers keep women dry and extra warm on the slopes and trails.

Women’s quarter-zip fleece pullover – Mountain temperatures can plummet after the sun goes down, and that makes a fleece pullover a useful gift.

Women’s insulated hoodie – Every woman can use at least one insulated hoodie, especially active women.

Women’s full zip fleece jacket – Fleece jackets can provide just the right level of warmth. They can also add extra warmth under a heavy coat.

Women’s down jacket – There’s nothing warmer than down in jackets or bedding.

Women’s jogger - A quick-drying, moisture-wicking performance jogger will keep the female jogger in your life more comfortable.

Women’s base layer crew top - A quick-drying, moisture-wicking base layer crew top keeps women comfortable when exerting themselves.

Warm coat - A good coat is necessary to keep your friend warm during cold winter hikes. There are many different types of coats for outdoor activities so this is a gift that you might want to ask your friend in advance what specifically they are looking for.

Woman Drinking Coffee

Hand warmers - Hand warmers will keep your friend’s fingers toasty-warm during the coldest weather.

Foot warmers – A foot warmer and a fresh pair of socks will prevent hypothermia during extreme weather or after accidental submersion into freezing water.

Meal Time-Related Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Folding spade – If your outdoor friend prefers campfires, they’ll need a small shovel to dig a pit and bury the embers later. Folding spades fold down so as to save space when not in use.

Waterproof match kit – Matches make fire building easier, but only if both the matches and the kindling are dry. A waterproof match kit will provide your friend with matches, strikers and a waterproof case.

Windproof lighter – A windproof lighter would also make it easier to create a campfire or light a cigarette when it’s windy outdoors.

Folding torch – A torch would ensure that your friend can start a fire or ignite charcoal under damp conditions.

Portable grill - A portable grill would enable your friend to grill meat and veggies anywhere, anytime.

Two-burner camp stove – Just about everyone would love to have a traditional two-burner camp stove. These have folding walls that serve as splash guards when in use.

Cast iron cookware set - A Lodge cast iron cook-it-all set will let your friend bake, saute, griddle and grill with few cookware pieces.

Stainless-steel cookware set - A lightweight, nesting stainless-steel cookware set would let your friend feed a hungry crowd.

Bamboo utensil set – For the outdoorsman who has everything, utensils will always come in handy.

Grill turner and tongs set - Campers and hikers can always use one or more grill turner and tongs sets.

Marshmallow and hot dog roasting forks – These forks will let your friends stay a safe distance from the fire as they roast food over an open fire.

Three-piece cutlery set - Every outdoorsman needs at least one three-piece cutlery set. These often come with some sort of pouch that lets its user attach it to their belt, etc.

Mess kit - A lightweight mess kit provides just the right amount of kitchen cookware and serving items needed for individuals on the move.

Backpack-style cooler - A backpack-style cooler lets hikers easily transport drinks and things over rough ground.

Man Hiking

Percolator - Every coffee-loving camping group would appreciate having an eight-cup enamel percolator.

Tea kettle - Hot tea lovers would appreciate having a 10-cup enamelware tea kettle at the campground. Naturally, a camping kettle would work on your friend’s home stove.

Camping mugs – Portable mugs are indispensable when drinking morning coffee around a campfire.

Food boxes – Lunch-size food boxes let campers and hikers neatly carry enough food for a meal. Campers can also stack these when storing lots of food 

Reusable silicone sandwich bags – Help your outdoorsy friends protect the environment by getting them reusable sandwich bags for their day trips.

Insulated food jar – Here’s a gift idea that everyone would enjoy, whether at home or spending time in the great outdoors. Stainless-steel insulated food jars keep food hot or cold.

Dish rack – A dish rack is needed on the road as well as at home. Get your friend one that folds down flat and fits into a backpack.

General Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Helmets - Helmets protect the heads of bikers, skiers, snowboarders and others. Unfortunately, many people don’t prioritize buying or wearing a helmet. Buy one for the person you love and encourage that person to wear it. 

Emergency whistle – Hikers can easily lose their footing and end up somewhere down a steep incline. A whistle is always handy for emergency situations like that so that rescuers can more easily locate the fallen person.

Power station – A portable lithium power station would bring a level of modernity to the great outdoors whenever your friend needs to power up some devices.

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