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by the warmth of traditional parkas?

If you’ve ever worn a down parka and felt that it wasn’t warm enough, you’re not alone. A coat can look thick or it can be produced by a designer brand, but it still may not be properly engineered to do what a down parka should do: keep you warm.


Cheap Polyfill

Cheap, synthethic polyfill coats can look puffy and warm, but they can actually leave you shivering in the cold.

Low Quality Down

A low fill power or a higher percentage of feathers in the filling can reduce the performance of a down jacket.

Skimping on Down

To save on costs, many brands use less down in their coats. In fact, a coat can have a high fill power, but if not enough down is used, the coat will not be very warm.

What Makes Different

Engineered "For Arctic Temperatures"

We place an extra layer of high fill power down to provide exceptional warmth.

Luxury Features + Technical Performance

Whether your coat is worn in arctic conditions or on your daily commute, we craft luxury outerwear that is engineered to protect you from the elements.

Exclusively Direct-To- Consumer

We bypass the traditional retailer and sell direct to consumer to provide luxury parkas and down jackets that are supremely warm without sacrificing the quality of our products.

“This is the best goose down winter coat I’ve ever worn.”


The first Triple F.A.T (For Arctic Temperatures) Goose coat was produced in 1987 with an extra layer of down making it warmer than conventional outerwear. In the last 30+ years we’ve crafted millions jackets keeping you warm in the coldest climates on the planet.


Everyone experiences warmth differently. Chat with one of our stylists Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm EST and we will help find the coat that’s right for you.