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By Triple F.A.T. Goose

Dating back to 1987 in New York City, Triple F.A.T. Goose is America’s original urban outdoors brand.

Since the beginning, Triple F.A.T. Goose has provided performance outerwear that helps consumers around the world endure some of the harshest climates nature has to offer. Both stylish and practical, Triple F.A.T. outerwear has long been a staple in big cities and frozen landscapes alike.

Many have grown up with the Triple F.A.T. Goose brand, and as we have evolved, so have our customers. We now boast a truly diverse clientele, which includes people from worlds as varied as business, film, music, academia and more. Though they come from a diversity of backgrounds, our customers share a common thread — a good portion fall into a group that we like to call the modern urbanite.

Named after the geographic origins of the brand – Bronx and Brooklyn – BXBK is the official magazine of Triple F.A.T. Goose, and it was created with the modern urbanite in mind. It’s a site that takes a focus on the many facets of city life and acts as a roadmap for the busy urban professional.

BXBK covers a variety of topics — everything from the newest gear to travel to methods for saving time and money — that should be of interest to any sophisticated city dweller. It also features interviews with influencers and thought leaders whose own narratives will provide a good deal of inspiration in their own right.

Whether you are interested in space saving hacks, home gadgets, food, culture, fitness or self-improvement, BXBK is an invaluable resource for the modern urbanite — make it your daily destination for a better, more enriching urban life.


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