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What to Expect at an Icelandic Music Festival

What to Expect at an Icelandic Music Festival

As many of you might know, Iceland’s intensely cold climate is just one of its unique attractions. Over the years, Icelandic culture has also been shaped by its music scene. We have have hundreds of bands playing more varieties of music than there are volcanoes in Iceland! Some artists include Icelandic natives, Bjork, Sigur Ros and Of Monsters and Men.

Each weekend in the summer is taken to the next level. The sun never sets and the people don’t either. In each little town we have festivals and music, a mixture that never fails! The funny thing about the Icelandic music scene is that it is diverse for a reason. After all, how are you going to impress 330,000 people with the same sound?

We decided to drive north to a place called Reykjastrond, and it is literally at the end of the road. Reykastrond is quite historical, some of the Vikings used to live there when they fought until sundown. This area holds on to a great history and the surroundings are something that you never really get used to.

Dragney Icelandic Music Festival

So the plan was to set up a camp, eat good food, drink a few beers, bathe in the natural geothermal pools and attend “Drangey Music Festival”. This was the second time the festival was held and we are definitely going back next year. The festival gets the name from the island “Drangey,” which is situated around 8 km from land.

Now imagine that you’re standing at the ‘end of the road’ in the most beautiful fjord, filled with islands, fresh air and never ending sunlight. Amazing. We are not even talking about standing on the grass, you are standing inside a hot spring called “Grettislaug” which was named after Grettir the strong, an Icelandic outlaw from the Icelandic Sagas. Legend has it that Grettir lived in Drangey Island with his slave in exile. One night, his slave forgot to watch the fire while Grettir was sleeping, and the fire went out. Grettir got really mad and jumped into the ocean to swim to shore to get more firewood. After Grettir had swum the 8 km long channel to shore he was so cold and tired that he used the pool to relax. Not to mention, he needed to get himself warm after the long swim from Drangey. He spent few hours in the pool and we can certainly see why, it is amazing!

The pool then disappeared around 1930 in a big storm but was rebuilt in 1992 by a local farmer. Taking a bath in this 40°C natural geothermal pool with the view of surrounding fjord and islands is divine, especially after a long night of dancing, singing and partying. You can’t even imagine how good it feels.

If you are looking for a “secret” cool –Icelandic-music-festival out of the radar, this is the one. The crowd is small and friendly, the artists are among the best of Iceland, and you are surrounded by untouched nature. The nights are full of surprises and unforeseen awesomeness. What more could you ask for? See you next year at Drangey Music Festival.

Watching Icelandic Music Festival

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