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What to Wear in Iceland. A Few Things You Should Know.

What to Wear in Iceland. A Few Things You Should Know.

Iceland is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. There are countless things to see, do, and eat. From the Aurora Borealis to the black sanded beaches, Iceland is filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and views that you may not be able to find anywhere else. While many tourists come for these popular attractions, there is still much of Iceland that are unknown to most visitors and travelers. There are some amazing places to see and adventures to seek that are unknown to most, but the locals.

My name is ÖRN, and I am an Icelandic local with a taste for travel and adventure. Being a mountain guide, a mountain search and rescue responder, and a very well-travelled person, I’d like to think that there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done in Iceland. Together, with my friends, we have traveled extensively across Iceland and are quite knowledgeable and familiar with all things Iceland.

One of the most basic rules you should adhere to when traveling to Iceland is to always be prepared. Here in Iceland, the weather can sometimes get quite rough and cold, as you can imagine. It’s not uncommon to have five different types of weather over a half day period (and there is absolutely no way to forecast the weather conditions in this country). Therefore, it is essential to dress appropriately and carry some extra clothing and equipment so you can be ready, should the weather decide to get fickle. Winter in a T-shirt, or summer in a down jacket. Anything can happen. Be prepared.

I will be offering more of these tips and rules in my future posts, while also detailing my travels around Iceland, and the interesting people and things my friends and I come across. With so much diversity in this country, there are still quite a few things we have yet to do and discover. We will seek out and try out new and unexplored activities. We will find you the hotspots that are known only to the locals. And we will make sure to leave you wanting to visit this amazing country.

So bring your friends and family and experience Iceland properly with the right guides and the right information. I want to show you the many possibilities we have here to convince you to buy yourself a ticket and make this your next vacation destination.

I’ll keep you posted.

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